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    Lay flat binding
    Weekly layout
    Cash Flow
    Last Time & Monthlies
    Events & Gift List
    Overview pages
    Monthly calendar
    Expense trackers
    Travel planners
    Project Tracker
    Pocket & Stickers
    Vegan leather

Aside from a weekly planner, you get an impressive 17 productivity tools in one compact, portable system.

These are thoughtfully-designed tools to help you live life intentionally. They are grouped into 4 categories to help you visualize each aspect of your life: Lifestyle, Organization, Social/Relationship, and Finance.

Lifestyle Tools

  • Goal-Setting Pages
  • Travel Planners + Checklist
  • Monthly Overview / Dashboard
  • Monthly Calendar

Organization Tools

  • Lists Pages
  • Last Time-- a tracker to remind you of the last times you did something
  • Monthlies-- a monthly tracker/checklist for all your recurring to-do's, habits, events, etc.
  • Password Keeper (or use as an address book)
  • Project Trackers
  • Notes-- lined and dotted

Social / Relationship Tools

  • Contacts
  • Important Dates & 2020-2022 Calendars
  • Gift List + Wishlist

Finance Tools

  • Cash Flow
  • Monthly Expense Trackers

No part of this planner may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, without getting prior written permission from C&S Designs.

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