Essy Tan


I'm a wife and a mother of two. I'm a night owl crafter. Love making DIYs and projects. I'm a BIG hoarder of stationeries, and a makeup hoarder too.

Planning style

My design style is more on the dainty girly girl-- incorporating pastel colors to my works that turns so cute and pretty. Currently obsessed with floral prints and patterns, and so in love with icon stickers and cute chibi emojis. Space on my planner spreads is key, because I love decorating with washis, stickers, and stamps. Bringing out the unique creativity inside me and putting on my work gives life to it.

How planners have changed me

It changed my life because it keeps me organized and helps me track my daily schedule. Planning reminds me of things I usually forget like billings, appointments, things to buy, etc. Aside from these, it helps me relax too from all the motherly duties. It balances my life because I have my own me time afterwards.

Why we love Essy

If you need positive vibes (and we all know you do), Essy's your girl. Her IG feed says (or shows) so. Her creative use of different materials and blending them together to create these spreads is what we call a masterpiece. Our two words? Festive and dainty. What a combination.

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