Julienne Alcos


I'm a 17-year-old college student who prefers a life of 'oh wells' than 'what ifs'. I consider 'hoarding books and crafts' as my best talent. I'm also a very sunny person who loves adventures and my number one goal in life is to inspire and make people smile!

Planning style

I have multiple planners and each of them has a unique purpose. I have one for my college tasks, another to track my reading progress and a lot more. One thing they all have in common is a monthly and weekly overview. These types of planners help me a lot when it comes to prioritizing my tasks. I also make sure that the really important tasks are emphasized and I do this by highlighting them. Of course, my planners won't be complete without designing it with cute stickers and washi tapes and I usually have a color scheme every month.

How planners have changed me

I am a person who's passionate for a lot of things and this gets difficult especially now that my schedule in college is hectic. The act of enumerating every task that you need to accomplish for the day is already enough to drain you. Having a planner is my key to survival. It makes me accomplish more because it helps me balance and prioritize my tasks. It also helps me track my progress! Designing it somehow makes this busy life much lighter. Thou shall not underestimate what a simple calligraphy of a Bible quote can do!

Why we love Julienne

Her awesome, inspiring DIY projects and her go-get-it attitude! Her passion for books and planners shows us that prioritizing is the key to get things done and have time for the things you love. Her vlogs, especially the DIY and travel, are fun and interesting to watch as well! Julienne is definitely on the right track with her life, and this inspires us to go out and live.

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