Rome Dela Cruz


If you know me for a while, you would say that I'm cray, weird and loud which is the opposite on first meets-- timid and shy but tend to talk non-stop when the conversation starts. I have always liked arts but I never learned to draw. Back in junior and senior years, I remember making hair bows and fashion accessories for myself and friends but I didn't really know that I was already crafting then all I know was I just like and enjoy making them.

Planning style

My design aesthetics are usually girly, dainty, and chic, but mostly I work depending on my mood and with what I only have in my stash. I love flowers and hearts too.

How planners have changed me

I used to plan a bit in high school and in college, but it was mainly the pen and paper kind of thing, though I add stickers on the dividers and add stationery envelope as a planner pouch. However, learning about the creative planning community is a total game changer for me-- planning has become a passion, and it helped me relax, destress, and kind of hone and express my itsy bitsy creativity in me.

Why we love Rome

Cuteness overload! One look at Empress' IG feed will make you just want to stare at it the whole day. Her love for pastels and and all things pretty is what caught our eye the most. She uses a lot of different planner accessories like paper clips, stickers, washi tapes, and stamps, and we are always looking forward to what she will come up with next!

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