Catherine Natividad


Devoted wife and a mother to a 12-month old little damsel (so expect mundane activities to my daily life :D). I'm an ambivert. I like talking to people, but I also appreciate a good dose of alone time. I love schedules, but I get bored with redundancy and need constant change in my life.

Planning style

I'm a playful, task-oriented planner. I use STICKERS (a lot!), washi tapes, and colored inks to add interest in my to-do list. I love decorating my planner with a certain theme to keep me motivated with my daily goals. I use both vertical and horizontal layouts, whichever suits my mood.

How planners have changed me

I never forget anything important again and my productivity has improved. My creativity began to flow in an unprecedented way.

Why we love Cathy

Sticker addict alert! We looove how she uses different kinds of stickers each week, it's like she never runs out of ideas! Looking through her spreads is just so satisfying-- everything fills up perfectly well, but they're not overpowering. She also combines her love for calligraphy with planning, which makes for even more awesome spreads.

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