Shi Ying


I'm cheerful at times and would love to meet new friends ^^ especially anyone who has the same interests as me. I love anything cute. I love to venture into new styles! I'm very grateful and happy when people appreciate my spreads!!

Planning style

I would say my planning style varies at times. Sometimes I would prefer doodling or scripty fonts all over my planner and sometimes I would prefer to let the cutesy-kawaii stickers express my feelings for a particular event. I prefer using pastels and bright colours for my layouts to brighten up my day! ^^

How planners have changed me

I'm able to unleash my stress and creativity into planning. My planner spreads are not only for keeping myself in check, but also memory keeping and diary purposes. I usually use washi tapes and existing stickers to create, it's really fun!

Why we love Shi Ying

Colors. That's what impressed us the most. Her brilliant eye for combining colors and turning them into beautiful spreads. Her whole vibe just exudes creativity, and it makes us look forward to what she comes up with next!

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