Long story short

2 sisters.

1 passion.

C&S DESIGNS is the product of our dreams and passion for creativity. We are Christine and Sheryl Tan, sisters and business partners, and we aim to bring our fun, fresh, and crazy perspectives to save the world one good design at a time.

Short story long

The mutual passion for aesthetics is what started C&S Designs. Multiply.com was the first online presence the duo had together. A portfolio soon became a source for free Multiply layouts, to accepting personalized layouts, and then finally to an online shop. The very first printed product launched was a gift box.

During that time, C was into using planners for school. She teamed up with her best friend and made personalized planners as Christmas gifts for their group of friends. Other friends who saw the planner suggested turning it into a business. Sembreak 2007 was very productive for C&S as the Design Your Life 2008 Planner was born. After its success, the planner continues to improve up until now, still with fun designs but never sacrificing functionality. Their eye for good design and detail is what makes them stand out.

C&S Designs has now expanded into different products that will equip you with the right tools to design your life-- more planners, stickers, notebooks, notepads, and even more in the future.

Our Team

  • Design style: Mostly vectors or cartoonized version of things + girly
  • Favorite planner accessories: Stickers! And my handy-dandy clear plastic ruler that doubles as a bookmark
  • Hobbies: Watching tv series, dancing, getting crafty, photography/videography
  • A single adjective: Adventurous
  • Before C&S Designs, I was: making planners for myself and my friends. I was also a part of my school paper's layout staff, became vice president of a computer club, and contributed to our yearbook pages. When I was a kid, I also used to make things out of paper (mostly prototypes of my product designs--from pencil cases to wallets).
  • How planners have changed me: It has made me more conscious of how I use my time. It also gives me the push I need, not only to get things done, but to tick off things on my bucket list, and challenge me once in a while. At the end of the day, I write on it so I don't forget and relive the memories in the future.
  • Design style: Sometimes girly, sometimes changing
  • Favorite planner accessories: Stickers, different colored pens, and paper clips used as bookmarks
  • Hobbies: Online shopping, taking pictures, going on adventures
  • A single adjective: Spontaneous
  • Before C&S Designs, I was: already designing. Making collages both on and off the screen, designing websites, and colorizing pictures. I joined online contests and won virtual awards. My mom even told me to stop at one point because she said I was "addicted". I also hosted my own contests and gave out virtual awards too.
  • How planners have changed me: I was never really one for using planners. Back in high school, I only used it as a scrapbook/diary, together with my friends. After high school, I had more use of it-- tracking projects and events, taking notes, jotting down my to-do-list, and so much more. I became organized and soon enough I depended on it when my brain fails me. I become more inspired everyday just writing on it.

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